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Tips Recognize Counterfeit Or Genuine Blackberry

Tips Recognize Counterfeit Or Genuine Blackberry -  if you are one blackerry gadget lovers, there is a good idea to listen to some tips that might help your preformance faforit blackberry gadget you choose so you will avoid any shortcomings or falsity..
               Tips Recognize Counterfeit Or Genuine Blackberry 
1. First and most important thing is to buy the Blackberry only at official outlets Blackberry.Seperti TAM, or One of them is the BlackBerry Branded Outlet by Indosat, Axis, Tri (3). To be sure outlets are not likely to deceive.

2. If you get a Mobile Blackberry from abroad, make sure the goods or Mobile Blackberry that you hold are not locked aka unlocked. To check the pulled-locked or not you can do a few tips: first check for the status networknya Sim card by going to Options> advanced options> SIM Card> type MEPD, if the status of the SIM is active then the handheld is still LOCK and if the status Disable the handheld SIM has been unlocked and both enter the cellular card from a local operator and try to call and receive calls with the handset. If all goes well, it means that the Blackberry is free to be used with any cellular card. 
3. Kiss / smell. Nothing wrong with the way you check authenticity kiss you buy a new Blackberry. Blackberry is really new is usually issued scent mixed metal skin. The aroma is very typical. 
4. The authenticity of the PIN and IMEI. PIN and IMEI on Blackberry handsets you have to exactly match the PIN and IMEI on the carton. It MUST be you check your laws. If not there are similarities, especially the PIN and IMEI, then it can be sure the Mobile Blackeberry False. 
5. Examine how the Blackberry battery condition. Do not forget to check also the end of the mobile phone, which is usually more easily scratched when Blackberry fall. Remember and Remember, Do not be tempted and intrigued by the box or plastic seal, because of all packaged goods can be made yourself.
 6. And most recent is the most valid way to determine the authenticity and condition of the Blackberry.
 In the status menu in the Options, type the word "BUYR". Will instantly display the lifetime, data voice and data usage. If the goods you have claimed as new goods, then the outcome must be the number 0 or fewer as a result of product testing. I hope this article Tips Recognize Counterfeit Or Genuine Blackberry helps you choose dlam blackberry gadget of your choice. 
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