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Galaxy Tab 7.7, Samsung Tablet Most Expensive

Galaxy Tab 7.7, Samsung Tablet Most Expensive - Samsung introduces its new products in Indonesia namely Galaxy Tab 7.7. which according to information from various news media in price from the most expensive gadgets in its class.  Samsung has just bring the Galaxy Tab 7.7. This tablet computer intended for the upscale market since prices reached Rp 7.5 million, the most expensive compared to the Samsung tablet that has been present before.

The first impression holds the Galaxy Tab 7.7 is a brilliant screen with Super AMOLED Plus technology. Contrast color was very sharp. Samsung claims that the main strength of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 is on the screen seems true. Photos and videos appear spoil the eye. The size of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 is very slim, only 7.89 mm thick. Very thin. Also weighs just 340 grams. There were different from these tablets compared to other Samsung tablet, the body of the metal. Premium impression was more prominent in addition to avoiding the impression of fragile. With a screen size 7.7-inch reach, indeed if the tablet is inserted into the pocket of greatness.
But it remains portable and steady in the clutch. this may be a blessing Dagi samsung gadget lovers, because in the latest widget is armed with a variety of excellent features and a variety of applications other cool applications. are you interested? please order now as well if interested to have it . Galaxy Tab 7.7, Samsung Tablet Most Expensive
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